Web Site Promotion Basics to Generate Web Traffic – What You Should Know

A website is only as good as the web traffic that it generates. To ensure that you have visitors flooding to your site, effective web site promotion strategies are a must. Through web site promotion, you will be able to increase your search engine page rank, gather visitors for your site, and get the opportunity for people to purchase the goods and services that you offer in your online shop or e-commerce business. Here are some of the ways for you to increase your hits through web site promotion.Forums and BulletinsOne of the distinguishing features of Web 2.0 is the various interactive web sites that are now available on the web. Plenty of sites today come with forums and bulletins which will allow you to post various messages. You can use these forums and bulletins for your web site promotion. Keep in mind, however, that various forums and bulletins also have site monitors and moderators. To ensure that you will not be blacklisted in forums and bulletins, follow all relevant policies and be sure that you post your messages and site information only in forums that are related to your site. Otherwise, moderators will delete your message or flag it as inappropriate for viewing. Also be sure that all of your posts have back links that will direct the internet users who read your message to your web site. These back links are also an effective way of increasing your page ranking.Search Engine OptimizationOne of the best ways to conduct web site promotion is through the use of search engine optimization. Search engine optimization works by ensuring that you have good page ranking so that your website will be one of the first sites available for people who make search engine queries. Keep in mind that most of the web activity today is centered on search engines, which means that being optimized for search engines is a surefire way of generating traffic and promoting your site. Also remember, however, that there are various ways to do this. Not only through articles, but also by embedding tags in your actual website, and by doing this you can optimize your web page for search engines. Brush up on the basics of HTML coding to find out how you can do this, or ask your web developer to do it for you.Expired Domain ServicesFinally, you can easily get web site promotion through the use of expired domain services. These expired domains are domain names that have been set up by other users in the past. The advantage with using expired domains is that these have already been promoted by previous users. In most cases, the expired domains already have back links and link wheels created for them. Back links and link wheels are a series of web pages that are designed to increase web page ranking in search engines. If you do not want to go through the effort of tediously putting up site after site and adding back links in these web pages, choose expired domains that already have links in other web pages.Web site promotion is key to being recognized in the web. Through these techniques, getting the web traffic to launch your web site successfully can be done.

Patents: A Tool for Technological Intelligence

Patents are the largest source of technological information. Patent are given to the inventor as a reward for its innovation in the form of the exclusive right of the monopoly for a period of 20 years from the priority date of the invention. Due to advancement in the IT sector and internet, now these valuable documents are in the reach of the general public. Any person skilled in the art can go through various patent databases and after a search can get the patent document of their need. There are different patent databases viz, USPTO, EPO, JPO, etc freely open for the public access. If we go through the patents related to a specific technological area, we will be able to find the lots of information about the life cycle of the technological innovation viz.,o evolutionary path of a specific technology,o technological development,o technological diversification,o technology merges,o major players in specific technological area,o key points of the specific technology,”The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) revealed that 90% to 95% of all the world’s inventions can be found in patented documents.”Patent analysis can reveals very valuable informations, which is not available anywhere. After patent search the crucial part is the patent analysis, and one have to be very concise about their objective of the study. The information in the patent documents can be utilized in different form according to the need and mapped accordingly to get the picture of the entire analysis in snapshots.Patent data can be used for the preparation of technological landscapes. Logistic mathematics and circle mathematics can be very useful in the plotting of the technological landscape. It can reveal the evolutionary trend of a technology, how it is evolved from a basic technology, along with the period of the technological diversification and its nature. These maps will also give the detailed overview of the merging of the different technologies to give rise to break-through technologies. These types of maps will be very useful for the R&D personals to evaluate the position of their research and technology, and also they will find way to more innovate more advanced and valuable technology.In the today’s global context firms need to know what technologies can competitors choke easily, and may be attempting to. They also need to know the spaces in technologies where competition is intense, and the areas where competitors are concentrating their IP development and their R&D efforts. They need to be able to track patent acquisition and development strategies and chart out the competitive landscape. To evaluate technology before making any investment decision, firms need to know the pace of patenting activity in the technology, which patents embody fundamental ideas in the technology and how vulnerable the firm’s technologies are to patent infringements. This will give them much needed information in deciding between technology development and technology acquisition.The ability to extract relevant information from patent literature is a crucial success factor for anyone involved in technological innovation. The technology mapping technique’s that can be used to transform patent information into knowledge that can influence decision-making.Patents are an important source of technological intelligence that companies can use to gain strategic advantage. Technology Intelligence is a can be used for gathering, analyzing, forecasting, and managing external technology related information, including patent information. Computational patent mapping is a methodology for the development and application of a technology knowledgebase for technology and competitive intelligence. The primary deliverables of patent mapping is in the form of knowledge visualization through landscape and maps. These maps provide valuable intelligence on technology evolution/revolution, nature of various types of pioneering; big; pure; and emerging players, state-of-the-art assessment, etc.These types of technological maps will prove to be a valuable multiplier in R&D and commercialization activities, in various ways including the following:o Developing further insights in response to strategic requirements and policy formulation in the organizationo Forecasting and identifying technological activities and trends in the industryo Aiding in the visualization of alternative development and growth paths available to the organizationo Enabling pre-emptive recognition and action on potential licensing opportunitieso Identifying prospective partners and clientso Identify technology discontinuities and areas of opportunities in their chosen technologieso Monitor and evaluate the technological process of competitors and potential competitorso Support decisions on foray and investment into particular technologies and sub-technologieso Surveillance of technological progress of competitors as well as to alert oneself to new entrants to the fieldo Spotting of white spaces or opportunity areas within a dense technological domaino Creative tool to simulate new ideas and create new IPo Complementing corporate IP filing strategieso Support technology proposals for large scale national and international level projectso Support investment and technology due diligence on companiesPatent mapping can be an integral part of IP management. It can uncover valuable information hidden in patents and can provide useful indicators for technical trends, market trends, competitors changes and technological profile and innovation potential of a company. Patent maps are visual representations of patent information that has been mined and aggregated or clustered to highlight specific features. There is a high degree of flexibility in visualization, which may be in the form of time-series or as spatial maps. We provide a more market and technology oriented analysis of the complete set of patent portfolio assets via our patent mapping services. Patent mapping can be used to ascertain the quality of patents with respect to prevailing technology and the extent to which patents affect the technology. This is a valuable input in technology sourcing/development and R&D decisions. Patent mapping can be indispensable for both firms that have an under-utilized patent profile and are looking to license/assign it at the most favorable terms, as well as to firms that are looking at developing patent portfolio strength in a particular technological field.Mere subject specialization is not enough for this, but analytical thinking and innovations are very essential. Today lots of software resources are available for mapping the patent data, but almost all are confined to bibliographic informations. The machine work cannot be compared with that of human intelligence. Patent mapping requires many skills. First and foremost among these is an ability to understand the complex scientific ideas protected by the patents themselves. Although it is possible to create a patent map by analyzing the relationships between patents without understanding the subject matter, such a map is often useless and needs to be refined by someone who understands the intricacies of the particular scientific discipline that is the basis of the invention. Thus, I expect that the need for people with scientific (and engineering) expertise in the field of patent mapping is on the increase. That’s why today lots of KPO firm are looking for the right individual and there is a huge demand today, which will certainly increase in the near future.

Web Site Promotion – A Checklist For Promoting Your Web Site

With thousands of new websites appearing on the web every day, the noise easily overwhelms those of us trying to get our web sites seen and visited. Web site promotion is getting more and more difficult. It’s important that you leave no stone unturned in optimizing your web site promotion. Here’s a quick checklist for promoting your site:Use directories. Sign up right away for the Open Directory Project and identify every industrial or market-oriented directory list that’s pertinent to your marketplace.Exploit the Search Engines. Make sure you’ve structured your site to be search engine friendly. Sign up for PPC services such as Google’s Ad Words or Yahoo!’s Search Marketing for your web site promotion.Advertise. Do advertise through both online means as well as conventional means. Sponsor regular email broadcasts that drive people to your site and be sure to adapt any print advertising to do the same.Paper Collateral. Make sure your website is part of all your promotional and commerce collateral. Good website promotion requires you to include your URL is everything – invoices, business cards, stationery, brochures, datasheets, whitepapers… everything.If you’re not doing something in each of the categories above then you’re giving your web site promotion results short shrift. Establish a concerted effort in each category to ensure you’re optimizing your promotional results.The bottom line is, you have to get the word out – that your web site is out there – and remember there are millions of web sites online. If you are going to succeed, you must advertise or get traffic somehow – these are some good places to start!

How to Plan the Entertainment For a Convention Event

Conventions are a great way for business owners and their employees to get together for a couple of days to discuss all aspects of the business. Employees are given the chance to voice their opinions, plus they can make meaningful suggestions about future plans for the company. These events usually last for a couple of days and culminate in a festive evening of fine food, dancing and good convention entertainment.Most conventions take place in hotels or facilities that specialize in such events. If you want to set a good tone at the start of your convention, you can lay on a bit of entertainment when the delegates first arrive at the venue. For example, hire some stilt walkers to hand out glasses of champagne at the registration table.When it comes to organizing the entertainment for the final night, you will want to get it right. Therefore, there are some important things to consider. Firstly, to make sure that everything is well coordinated, enlist the services of a Master of Ceremonies, commonly known as an ‘Emcee’. This could be someone on your staff who has the ability to be witty and light-hearted, yet able to keep the guests attention when necessary.If you do not know of anyone suitable, you can always hire a professional emcee. There are many agencies that specialize in this service. A professional will know exactly what is required to keep your big night running smoothly so that the delegates will have a good time. You can brief him or her about any quirky things you want included in the chit-chat.Once you have got the emcee sorted out, the next step is to consider appropriate entertainment for the night. If your budget allows, a great idea is to have an item of entertainment before the first course of dinner. Then have a short item after the starter and another after the main course. The final segment of entertainment should be something that will really get the place rocking. Cirque style entertainment is a very popular current trend in corporate entertainmentA comedian is always good for pre-dinner entertainment. As with your emcee, you can prime this person to include some of the delegates’ names into his or her routine. This is guaranteed to provide much laughter, and the right mood will be set for the rest of the evening.When everyone has finished eating their starters, you could bring on a magician. There are various categories of magicians. For this type of occasion, you will want to hire what is known as a ‘close up magic’ act. This is a magician who performs sleight-of-hand tricks while interacting with the guests. She or he will move around among the tables doing tricks with coins, cards and other items.By the time everyone has enjoyed their desserts and the champagne has been flowing, they will be more than ready to let their hair down on the dance floor. For this, you could either hire a DJ or a live band. A DJ could enable you to kill two birds with one stone because he or she could also act as the emcee. If you think your guests would prefer a live band as part of the convention entertainment, make sure you hire one that plays all genres of music. Most importantly, one that will get everyone on the dance floor having a great time!!

Increase Your Office Productivity With Employee Management Software

By using employee management software, your human resource office can function with improved organization and increase office efficiency. In This software provides you many benefits like it increases your employee productivity, improves security in your office. This software has the potential to reduce your payroll cost and workforce management cost. This is the main reason for That software to become so popular nowadays. This type of software has the ability to completely eliminate any employee paper trails such as time keeping. Basic task of that software is of assembling, managing and organizing the data of employees working in a particular company. One of the main feature of That software is time tracking of employees.Time tracking software can supercharge your productivity and get things done. Employee time tracking software is used to analyze and optimize time employees spend on doing company’s tasks. This type of software helps team leader’s better plan and track employees’ productivity. For increases the productivity of a company it is very important to know which tasks have to be done first and which can be postponed because of lower level of importance for company. This software eliminates the errors, confusion and volume of data generated by duplicate data inputs. This employee management software is so simple to use and is friendly to all users from managers to employees. Project management software is helps in recording the contribution of employee immaterial of role and level in the organization. To evaluate the performance of each individual, each level has specific set of criteria.Employee management software is also very flexible when it comes to mapping out your business processes. Such a system can cut the costs of management and increase the profit margin of the company by taking of some burden from the organizations funds. Employee management system is flexible and can be easily adapted to the working frame of any company. Some people might think that Employee management software is only for big shot companies, but the reality is any company that has issues related to HR needs and requires their management to use this system. A well developed employee management system that increases the productivity of employees becomes necessary to evaluate the employee contribution to profits, success and growth of the company. So for increases the productivity in the office or company you have to be use employee management software, this will increases your company’s growth.

An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Taking a Business Online

Just a few short years ago anyone moving to online trading had either to learn HTML or appoint a professional.Nowadays getting online has moved from being too difficult for IT amateurs to being too easy. It is not an exaggeration to say that an entrepreneur waking up at eight in the morning could, with a bare minimum of expenditure, have an online presence of sorts by twelve.And here lies the problem.A website is no more than a virtual store-front. An eBusiness is a business like any other. Behind that store front there needs to be a delivery process, the goods or services to be marketed through that store front, and an infrastructure to make everything work efficiently and profitably.Even if you are only moving an existing business online you need a credible Business Case
The business case describes your reasons for going online: indeed going into business in the first place.
It has to be ‘outputs orientated’ ie it says ‘we will provide this product or that service’ rather than ‘we will use this or that resource’;
It has to explain how you will respond to the market, how you will control your Business Risk.
How it fits with the rest of your business (if any);
How you will track the costs (time and money) and how and when you will measure the results Your business case must be transparent and comprehensive – not an exercise in self-delusion or self-justification, and if it has significant technical content it has to be comprehensible.Moving an existing business onto the net is one thing, starting a new business targeting an online clientele is quite another.The ease and speed with which a new commercial site can be set up from scratch disguises the fact that an online business is just that: a business that trades online. All the disciplines that need to be followed when setting up a bricks-and-mortar business are equally relevant when setting up an online one.Once you have an acceptable business plan in place the time comes to decide between:
The ‘nerd’s’ approach of building as site from scratch
Using a web designer
Opening an account with one of the many providers of commercial sites
Using a CMS to build an online community site.
Here on New2Business.com we do not deal with the first two options, valid though they are.We do however suggest that the new online entrepreneur consider options 3 and 4 seriously. Both are simple enough for a non-it-specialist to be able to get up and running in a few days once the various options within your choice have been explored. A search of the internet will provide alternatives enough, and whichever way you go there are a couple of really critical questions to ask of the package you eventually choose:
What will your site look like
On a lap or desk top
On a smart-phone
On a tablet.
How will it interface with, or provide
Your accounting package
Your order management software.
When you’re considering a CMS system you’ll have to consider the additional modules available with the core software to make that assessment.In most cases the decision will focus on one of the commercial providers though a CMS may be more suitable for:
A niche marketer
Clubs and associations
Some professional service providers.
In any case going online is not a simple yes/no decision. Many factors come into play and a few hours researching the options can be time well spent.Just as an aside there is a natural compromise to be made between ‘user friendliness’ and the capacities of a package. Easy at the onset can mean limited at a later stage!

Securing Personal Loans With Bad Credit: 4 Loan Options Worth Considering

When it comes to securing personal loans with bad credit, it may all seem quite impossible. But there are plenty of options available to bad credit borrowers, often regardless of their credit score. It is usually a simple matter of finding them and meeting the criteria.The Internet has made the task of finding them a lot easier, with comparison sites allowing the best options to be found in a matter of seconds. And with the benefit of online technology, getting fast loan approval has also become a standard feature from online lenders.But while accessibility has certainly improved, there are still qualifying standards to satisfy and criteria to meet before a personal loan can be approved.Common FeaturesDespite the array of options to bad credit borrowers, the loans share the same category and so many of the same features. For a start, getting a personal loan with bad credit involves accepting higher interest rates and lower loan limits.Fast loan approval is usually only available for small and modest-sized loans. Depending on the lender, the limit may only be just $2,500, though there are loans of up to $25,000 available with a 24-hours waiting period.There are ways to improve your loan terms, such as to find a guarantor, but cosigners must have excellent credit ratings to be accepted on a personal loan application in the first place. So, what are the options available?1. Secured Personal LoansGetting a secured personal loan with bad credit is no great problem. The fact that some item has been provided as collateral means that the credit score is of no great significance at all. The lender can get compensation should the borrower default, so the risk of loss is much less.This means that interest rates are lower and fast loan approval is standard. So, when applying online, expect to get approval within a few minutes and the cash deposited into your bank account in about 2 hours.2. Unsecured Personal LoansGetting an unsecured personal loan is a different matter. Since the lender is accepting the risk completely, and has no compensation from which to salvage losses, the interest rate is a lot higher and the loan sum is lower. It means that the overall cost of the loan is higher.It is possible to get unsecured no credit check loans, where the credit score is basically ignored. However, this pushes the interest rate up further. It is a matter of how desperately the loan funds are needed. If it is very, then the terms that come with an unsecured personal loan with bad credit can be worth it3. Non-Guarantor LoansThese loans are very similar to unsecured loans, but there is no interest shown in the credit history of the applicant and fast loan approval is possible so long as your debt-to-income ratio is good enough.Typically, these personal loans are available at a higher rate of interest, and the loan sum is quite limited. However, getting a term that is a little longer will reduce the monthly cost and help make larger loans (around $10,000) more affordable.4. Payday (Cash Advance) LoansThis is arguably the most popular option for getting personal loans with bad credit. However, it is also the most expensive, with interest rates as high a 30%, and full repayment from one paycheck after just 30 days.Loans are no more than $1,500, but fast loan approval is guaranteed so long as the monthly income is enough.

Auto Loan Calculators: Your Smart Choice

The multitude of loans available in the market today has enabled even the ordinary man on the street to chase his dreams. For most of us, a luxury car is an ultimate dream! Such dreams do not appear to be so distant with the easy availability of auto loans in the present financial market. But under certain circumstances, your wish to drive your dream car or buy your dream house can turn into a nightmare if your monthly loan payment exceeds your expectations. Getting a good auto loan is not a matter of luck but of skill, where loan seekers need to take some wise decisions after comparing the terms and conditions of different lenders. Good auto loan rates are available but you need to know the tricks of the trade in order to get hold of them. Auto loan calculator is a smart tool that helps loan seekers to decide the auto loan they want to choose. This will enable them to have an estimate of the monthly payments to be made to the lenders. Most of the auto loan websites have online auto calculators that can be made use of without any extra charge.Auto loan financing companies take various factors under consideration before sanctioning request for auto loans. Such factors generally revolve around the amount to be borrowed, the loan term, the repayment installments, insurance, credit details, income, the taxes and many more. As such, loan seekers need to have a proper evaluation not only of their financial strength but also of the different terms and conditions of auto loan companies. An auto loan calculator is one of the tools that can offer immense help to borrowers seeking to approach a good lender.Auto loan calculators can be of great assistance once you are thorough with its multiple functions. It determines the monthly repayment installment of each loan including the capital repayment, interest ingredient, the payment protection insurance or the PPI and much more! The auto loan calculator utilizes the information fed by the borrowers when they provide answers to queries regarding the amount they desire to borrow, the period over which they intend to repay the loan, their household income, credit details and personal circumstances. When all this information is typed into the various fields in the calculator format, the calculator returns the details of various types of loans available along with calculating the monthly repayment installment. If the loan seeker wishes to go for payment protection insurance or PPI, its cost can also be included in the calculation where the borrower’s data exists in the calculating software. If a person has a bad credit history, the auto loan calculator generally conceals the names of lenders who would be unwilling to issue a loan to him for such bad credit score.The advantage of auto loan calculators isn’t just restricted to the above-mentioned points. Borrowers can also examine their complete amortization schedule. There are auto loan calculators equipped with graph options that enable the borrowers to make a comparative study how different loan terms or down payments can impact their monthly payment. Notwithstanding the benefits, loan seekers should always keep in mind that auto loan calculators also work as promotion-enhancement tools for the company. Users should be a little cautious while opting for their auto loans, as the rates provided might be inaccurate sometimes. So, it’s prudent to use your auto loan calculator as a guide to make way for your smartest choice!

S&P 500 Rallies As U.S. Dollar Pulls Back Towards Weekly Lows

Key Insights
The strong pullback in the U.S. dollar provided significant support to stocks.
Treasury yields have pulled back after touching new highs, which served as an additional positive catalyst for S&P 500.
A move above 3730 will push S&P 500 towards the resistance level at 3760.

Pfizer Rallies After Announcing A Huge Price Hike For Its COVID-19 Vaccines
S&P 500 is currently trying to settle above 3730 as traders’ appetite for risk is growing. The U.S. dollar has recently gained strong downside momentum as the BoJ intervened to stop the rally in USD/JPY. Weaker U.S. dollar is bullish for stocks as it increases profits of multinational companies and makes U.S. equities cheaper for foreign investors.

The leading oil services company Schlumberger is up by 9% after beating analyst estimates on both earnings and revenue. Schlumberger’s peers Baker Hughes and Halliburton have also enjoyed strong support today.

Vaccine makers Pfizer and Moderna gained strong upside momentum after Pfizer announced that it will raise the price of its coronavirus vaccine to $110 – $130 per shot.

Biggest losers today include Verizon and Twitter. Verizon is down by 5% despite beating analyst estimates on both earnings and revenue. Subscriber numbers missed estimates, and traders pushed the stock to multi-year lows.

Twitter stock moved towards the $50 level as the U.S. may conduct a security review of Musk’s purchase of the company.

From a big picture point of view, today’s rebound is broad, and most market segments are moving higher. Treasury yields have started to move lower after testing new highs, providing additional support to S&P 500. It looks that some traders are ready to bet that Fed will be less hawkish than previously expected.

S&P 500 Tests Resistance At 3730

S&P 500 has recently managed to get above the 20 EMA and is trying to settle above the resistance at 3730. RSI is in the moderate territory, and there is plenty of room to gain additional upside momentum in case the right catalysts emerge.

If S&P 500 manages to settle above 3730, it will head towards the next resistance level at 3760. A successful test of this level will push S&P 500 towards the next resistance at October highs at 3805. The 50 EMA is located in the nearby, so S&P 500 will likely face strong resistance above the 3800 level.

On the support side, the previous resistance at 3700 will likely serve as the first support level for S&P 500. In case S&P 500 declines below this level, it will move towards the next support level at 3675. A move below 3675 will push S&P 500 towards the support at 3640.

SPDN: An Inexpensive Way To Profit When The S&P 500 Falls

SPDN is not the largest or oldest way to short the S&P 500, but it’s a solid choice.
This ETF uses a variety of financial instruments to target a return opposite that of the S&P 500 Index.
SPDN’s 0.49% Expense Ratio is nearly half that of the larger, longer-tenured -1x Inverse S&P 500 ETF.
Details aside, the potential continuation of the equity bear market makes single-inverse ETFs an investment segment investor should be familiar with.
We rate SPDN a Strong Buy because we believe the risks of a continued bear market greatly outweigh the possibility of a quick return to a bull market.
Put a gear stick into R position, (Reverse).

By Rob Isbitts

The S&P 500 is in a bear market, and we don’t see a quick-fix. Many investors assume the only way to navigate a potentially long-term bear market is to hide in cash, day-trade or “just hang in there” while the bear takes their retirement nest egg.

The Direxion Daily S&P 500® Bear 1X ETF (NYSEARCA:SPDN) is one of a class of single-inverse ETFs that allow investors to profit from down moves in the stock market.

SPDN is an unleveraged, liquid, low-cost way to either try to hedge an equity portfolio, profit from a decline in the S&P 500, or both. We rate it a Strong Buy, given our concern about the intermediate-term outlook for the global equity market.

SPDN keeps it simple. If the S&P 500 goes up by X%, it should go down by X%. The opposite is also expected.

Proprietary ETF Grades
Offense/Defense: Defense

Segment: Inverse Equity

Sub-Segment: Inverse S&P 500

Correlation (vs. S&P 500): Very High (inverse)

Expected Volatility (vs. S&P 500): Similar (but opposite)

Holding Analysis
SPDN does not rely on shorting individual stocks in the S&P 500. Instead, the managers typically use a combination of futures, swaps and other derivative instruments to create a portfolio that consistently aims to deliver the opposite of what the S&P 500 does.

SPDN is a fairly “no-frills” way to do what many investors probably wished they could do during the first 9 months of 2022 and in past bear markets: find something that goes up when the “market” goes down. After all, bonds are not the answer they used to be, commodities like gold have, shall we say, lost their luster. And moving to cash creates the issue of making two correct timing decisions, when to get in and when to get out. SPDN and its single-inverse ETF brethren offer a liquid tool to use in a variety of ways, depending on what a particular investor wants to achieve.

The weakness of any inverse ETF is that it does the opposite of what the market does, when the market goes up. So, even in bear markets when the broader market trend is down, sharp bear market rallies (or any rallies for that matter) in the S&P 500 will cause SPDN to drop as much as the market goes up.

While inverse ETFs have a reputation in some circles as nothing more than day-trading vehicles, our own experience with them is, pardon the pun, exactly the opposite! We encourage investors to try to better-understand single inverse ETFs like SPDN. While traders tend to gravitate to leveraged inverse ETFs (which actually are day-trading tools), we believe that in an extended bear market, SPDN and its ilk could be a game-saver for many portfolios.

SPDN and most other single inverse ETFs are vulnerable to a sustained rise in the price of the index it aims to deliver the inverse of. But that threat of loss in a rising market means that when an investor considers SPDN, they should also have a game plan for how and when they will deploy this unique portfolio weapon.

Proprietary Technical Ratings
Short-Term Rating (next 3 months): Strong Buy

Long-Term Rating (next 12 months): Buy

ETF Quality Opinion
SPDN does what it aims to do, and has done so for over 6 years now. For a while, it was largely-ignored, given the existence of a similar ETF that has been around much longer. But the more tenured SPDN has become, the more attractive it looks as an alternative.

ETF Investment Opinion

SPDN is rated Strong Buy because the S&P 500 continues to look as vulnerable to further decline. And, while the market bottomed in mid-June, rallied, then waffled since that time, our proprietary macro market indicators all point to much greater risk of a major decline from this level than a fast return to bull market glory. Thus, SPDN is at best a way to exploit and attack the bear, and at worst a hedge on an otherwise equity-laden portfolio.