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How to Plan the Entertainment For a Convention Event

Conventions are a great way for business owners and their employees to get together for a couple of days to discuss all aspects of the business. Employees are given the chance to voice their opinions, plus they can make meaningful suggestions about future plans for the company. These events usually last for a couple of days and culminate in a festive evening of fine food, dancing and good convention entertainment.Most conventions take place in hotels or facilities that specialize in such events. If you want to set a good tone at the start of your convention, you can lay on a bit of entertainment when the delegates first arrive at the venue. For example, hire some stilt walkers to hand out glasses of champagne at the registration table.When it comes to organizing the entertainment for the final night, you will want to get it right. Therefore, there are some important things to consider. Firstly, to make sure that everything is well coordinated, enlist the services of a Master of Ceremonies, commonly known as an ‘Emcee’. This could be someone on your staff who has the ability to be witty and light-hearted, yet able to keep the guests attention when necessary.If you do not know of anyone suitable, you can always hire a professional emcee. There are many agencies that specialize in this service. A professional will know exactly what is required to keep your big night running smoothly so that the delegates will have a good time. You can brief him or her about any quirky things you want included in the chit-chat.Once you have got the emcee sorted out, the next step is to consider appropriate entertainment for the night. If your budget allows, a great idea is to have an item of entertainment before the first course of dinner. Then have a short item after the starter and another after the main course. The final segment of entertainment should be something that will really get the place rocking. Cirque style entertainment is a very popular current trend in corporate entertainmentA comedian is always good for pre-dinner entertainment. As with your emcee, you can prime this person to include some of the delegates’ names into his or her routine. This is guaranteed to provide much laughter, and the right mood will be set for the rest of the evening.When everyone has finished eating their starters, you could bring on a magician. There are various categories of magicians. For this type of occasion, you will want to hire what is known as a ‘close up magic’ act. This is a magician who performs sleight-of-hand tricks while interacting with the guests. She or he will move around among the tables doing tricks with coins, cards and other items.By the time everyone has enjoyed their desserts and the champagne has been flowing, they will be more than ready to let their hair down on the dance floor. For this, you could either hire a DJ or a live band. A DJ could enable you to kill two birds with one stone because he or she could also act as the emcee. If you think your guests would prefer a live band as part of the convention entertainment, make sure you hire one that plays all genres of music. Most importantly, one that will get everyone on the dance floor having a great time!!